Monday, October 5, 2009

t-minus 5 weeks and 3 days!!!

yep, five weeks and three days til GRADUATION!!!!! and until im RD eligible and able to get a J-O-B!!!! hooray! im SO ready. im so ready to be done with this school thing. im also nervous about being my on my no one to look over and correct my notes. am i really ready/smart enough to actually be a real dietitian?! i guess we'll find out...

i applied for a part time clinical position in steubenville, ohio...which is about 45 minutes from jordan's house. so if i do get it, i will be living in morgan's old room at the lewis residence haha. hopefully i'll be doing the fellowship at children's hospital come may, or i'll find a pediatrics position sometime soon so it would only be temporary, but would be great to only have to work part time so i can study for the RD exam. and i'll get some quality time with the lewis family...hopefully they won't want to kick me out after a couple weeks :) not giving my hopes at all on this though, we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

im in my last regular rotation-oncology. its really sad, but its good so far. i really like the dietitians who work in karmanos, the cancer hospital here. i was placed at detroit recieving hospital for my staffing rotation which im happy about...just a little nervous cause i don't work very fast over there! it will be good though. i present my case study to all of the RD staff thursday...say a prayer for me. can't wait to get it over with. the next several weekends will be great-tay's homecoming/babysitting my boys, marathon weekend, tina comes to visit then jordan comes up and we go to the melting pot, YUM! yay for good weekends :) i had my last over an hour run today (10 miles to be exact) before the marathon which felt good. yay for four and less mile runs! ok, its bedtime! nighty night.

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