Sunday, May 31, 2009

its june?!

so i fail at this updating the blog thing. i don't really know if anyone reads this, but sorry! things have been super busy lately and i haven't had time to update. the past two weeks i've been in a renal (kidney) rotation seeing end stage renal disease patients and acute renal failure patients. it has been really sad...kidney disease is nasty. dialysis, although fascinating, is nasty as well. i pray that i always have healthy kidneys and never have to deal with that! its bad. i start at a dialysis center for the next two weeks which will be interesting. i start my peds rotation in 2 weeks too...i cant WAIT. i miss being around kids, its like something i crave almost! i LOVE kids. i can't imagine doing this job and not ever being around kids for my career. so i guess its good i at least know vaguely the area i want to work in....because i have no clue with anything else haha

i've had some of the best couple of past weekends! i've been home a ton, saw kimberly over memorial day (basically lived at her house) and got to see jordan this weekend after a month of not seeing him. i realize a month really isn't THAT much...but its still a while. i am not a big fan of it! sam's wedding is next weekend and im SUPER excited! i cant believe its actually happening!!!! we went to dinner at the melting pot last night for her bachloerette party and it was AMAZING. seriously, im obsessed. only four weeks til HH too...i can't wait for a week at the beach and a week with jordan. it will be relaxation that i most definatley need and time with j that is much needed as well.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

perfect weekend.

i have the best mom ever. tina came and spent the weekend with me and it was perrrrfect. we went to dinner and watched a movie friday. we went shopping alllll day saturday (not many people could handle that much in one day!) and had delllicious crab cakes for lunch and coldstone for dinner (after walking around forrrever to find it). we went to ann arbor today to the UM botanical gardens, which were a little disappointing, but it was fun and a nice day out nonetheless. tina got me my first hanging basket of flowers for our porch, so im praying i dont kill them :) it was such a relaxing weekend and im thankful that one of my best friends is my mom...a lot of people dont have that.

i start my renal rotation tomorrow...say a prayer for me! im nervous because i know the least about renal, kidneys, and all that...its very complicated and nutrition plays a big role. which is good, but i feel unprepared and don't want to look like the dumb intern. we'll see how it goes!! cant wait for the weekend already- i getta see my family and my bffaeae from boston!!!! yayyy!!!! AND canterbury opens!!! oh and 20 days til sam's wedding...CRAZY. crazy how life flies by. god is SO good!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


this is my last week of school foodservice, thank goodness. its not that i don't like the people, because i do, they are great, its just a little boring. i start my renal rotation next weekend which will be interesting...thats the area that i feel like i know the least in since it's all so complicated.

my car isn't totaled which is good...the lima bean just needs a loooot of repair work. hopefully she still runs like new when i get her back. $1000 more dollars of damage and she would have been a gonner. stupid drivers. now im driving a 4 door hatchback yaris that looks funny, i names it the black bean haha. i've never been in an accident like that and it was so scary, and it really was quite minor in the grand scheme of things. lucky i had someone looking out for me.

we're about half way through this internship and i am really struggling. im trying to enjoy my time here and not be just looking forward to it being over. but i really am ready to be trying to dig up patience i have stored away because i still have a while to go and lots of things to learn. im tired of being away from people i care about mostly. BUT i have a lot of fun weekends with people i love coming up so im looking forward to those :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

eek! so i haven't written here in a while! the past few weeks have been kind of crazy busy. i've had an exam and presentation last week and a quilt to finish! haha and throw in there training for a half marathon too...needless to say im exhausted. i've been working in my school foodservice rotation the past couple of weeks in birmingham, mi which has been a GREAT drive (its like 5 min away). i love the people i am working with. dave, the manager, is so funny and really cool to work with. he's shown me all the cool places in birminham to run haha today i worked at a food expo type of thing where 40 or so vendors bring samples of their products and you go around and get tonnnns of samples. i came home with 2 grocery bags full of food! hooray for free things!

they also had a reeeeally good speaker talking about being thankful for all the little blessings we have and how important our attitudes towards the little things in our everyday lives are and how that rubs off onto others. he was awesome. he talked about a girl who was 17 and had just been adopted a year ago and had been in like 48 foster homes or something crazy like that. her dad had tried to kill her when she was 3 and her mom was in jail for murder. yet she wanted to forgive her dad and tell him she loved him. she gave her mom her email and has been waiting a year and a half to have comunication with her. the speaker talked about how she was always smiling and how great it was to be loved by her family crazy is that?? i can't even imagine the type of selflessness you would need to be able to do that.

this weekend was the flying pig half marathon and it was perfect! the run was great, and i am super pumped to do my marathon in october now!! hooray! i got to see my best friends ever for a whole weekend too. it was perfect. i have the perfect friends. i wish everyone could have a group of friends like ours. i miss miami so much too!! and people watching to see the ridiculous miami girls that go there haha. im super pumped for the weekend to see my little sister in my old prom dress and for sam's wedding shower!!