Monday, September 28, 2009

fall is here.

fall has made its entrance today! its rainy, cold and yucky outside. but i am ready for it. well maybe not the super yucky and rainy part, but im for sure looking forward to fall-y weather and everything it soup and sweatpants and fires and hot tea! i met a family tonight that i am going to babysit for every wednesday til i move back....mainly i'll be watching their eleven month old little girl, shes SO cute. and they have a three and a half year old girl with the most BEAUTIFUL long blonde hair, i was jealous. im excited, just wondering why this didn't come along before september 28th!! bahh. oh'll be fun at least for the next 7 weeks til i move.

20 days til the marathon!!! :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

20 mile run? check.

so i got up at 7 and was on the road by 7:40 to start my seemingly endless 20 mile run and finished at 11:05ish. i was nervous about it since i haven't had a long run in about three weeks. well, i ran 11 on monday, but i mean like a long long 15+ mile run. i know 11 seems like a lot, but i would gladly take an 11 miler over a 15-18 miler any day! i sort of split it up into three parts and started out really slowly and i felt awesome the whole entire way. of course towards the end i was a little bored and feeling it in my knees/hips, but other than that it was awesome. the aftermath is a different story, i haven't felt so good today unfortunately. i have been eating everything in reach though! perfect weather, 55-60 degrees with no sun and all clouds. definitely a blessing in the weather department :) it misted on me too for a good 3-4 miles so that felt nice towards the end. tay ran nine today and ran the whole way! i am SO proud of her for sticking with it, i couldn't have done it for my first half without someone there making me run (colby dearest). and i have colby to thank for getting me hooked on this sick addiction. i really love it though, it is such a good feeling of accomplishment completing longer and longer runs and working towards a goal. one that i thought i NEVER EVER would have been able to achieve. so, lesson learned, never say never! its great though and i am looking forward to october 18 at 7:30 am when i get to run my marathon!

pray that i stay injury free as mileage decreases big time these next 3 weeks and i get two whole days off in a row after today...but a lot of injuries happen towards the end. i would be so so devastated if something happened (stress fracture, strain, etc.) and i couldn't run. i've been working at this for too long for something like that to ruin this. my friend has a stress fracture in her hip and can't run in the chicago marathon she's been training for. yuck. off to bed at 10 on a saturday, im exhausted.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

crazy life.

whoops, its been a little while since i've posted. here's a quick recap of what's happened the past couple of weeks...i finished at detroit receiving hospital last week. it was a really great rotation, lots to do, crazy patients to see. we got to see a PEG tube (feeding tube into the stomach and through the abdominal wall) placed, and i almost passed out lol. then we got to see a skin graft which was cool. i was overly cautious though to watch it so i didn't hit the floor in the OR. it was like 1000 degrees in the operating room though, burn patients have a hard time maintaining their body heat, so we were sweating buckets and the thing they used to harvest skin looked like a cheese grater. sick. but it was neat to see. saw some pretty sad stuff though. its a whole different world here in detroit that the majority of the US is sheltered from.

i started at the rehabilitation institute of michigan (RIM) this week and its been alright. kind of boring, but easy stuff so far. i have one more week there then onto oncology for 2 weeks, then staffing for 4 weeks where i'll basically have my own floor to manage, eek! am i ready for that?! so only 7 weeks until graduation...SO weird. i present my case study 2 weeks in front of all the RD's and im ready for that to be OVER. i have my 20 mile run on saturday morning and i am readyyy! can't wait for the marathon.

went to steve rader's wedding a couple weeks ago, he is kyle's old roommate and one of nick and jordans good friends. it was a great time and SO weird to see him get married. he's the first of the group to get hitched, i cant wait for nick and beth's wedding in may, it will be AWESOME! i got to surprise my roomies and go to the morgan county fair a couple weekends ago and it was perfect. they had NO idea and i love surprises like those :) i miss them, can't wait for november 18th.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

code blue.

so i saw a patient code today. or for those non-medical folks, his heart stopped and required CPR to get a heartbeat. and it was absolutely nothing like what you see on grey's anatomy. i think this patient really wasn't expected to survive, so that might be why it was so laid back, but it was so calm. a lot of people were gathered around the bed and looking in outside of the room. three or four people kept switching on and off doing CPR while others were handing in meds and really big needles/syringes of serious stuff. i've been certified in CPR for a long time, but have only seen it once besides this time, and the person came to after a few minutes. this went on for a while and we left before we saw what happened. it was just weird to see in real life in a hospital. its nothing like it is in the movies. it was a weird feeling seeing someone die. a patient i saw at the beginning of the week died the next day too, he was only 39. things like this make me appreciate my health so much more. a lot of these people's lives changed in the blink of an eye.

anyways, thats my depressing post for the day. we have to be at work at 630 tomorrow so its to bed at like 9 tonight. sick. can't wait for the weekend though!!! its going to be greattt!!!! :)