Saturday, August 29, 2009

i feel God in this chiles tonight.

bahaha im watching the office right now, season two dundees award and its pretty funny :) lori and i played the office trivia game last night too, i cant wait for new office episodes!! my butt is currently parked on the couch, my knees are throbbing and i ran 17.5 miles this morning! the weather was perfect, 55 degrees when i started, 60 when i finished and very little sun. gorgeous! it took me quite a while to get into my groove where i felt good, but it was overall a fairly good run. i feel better now than i did when i finished my 16 miler a couple weeks ago. only 6 weeks til race pumped! i kind of wish i had gotten my act together and ran for a charity or something, the cbus marathon didn't have any that i could find that took runners on unfortunately. so i totaled my miles from i think may 25th up until now and i have logged 358 miles!! craziness!!!! that seems like SO much!! its been a perfect perfect summer for training, im very thankful for the cooler weather this summer. tay and i are going to get crazy running tights to run in...possibly pink zebra tights :) what color do you think?? running funky i like the cow and giraffe, but they aren't very colorful!

off for a nap, and then babysitting at 4:30 for ethan and aidan. hopefully they don't have much energy tonight...not sure i will be able to keep up with them lol. can't wait for next weekend, i get to see some of my favorite people! (nick, beth, j!) and our crab cake dinner is next weekend toooo :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

11 weeks and counting.

thats right. eleven weeks and counting until the end. we're almost into the single digits! how crazy is that?? it had NOT seemed like it has passed this fast...but it has. crazy crazy. i have 3 rotations and 4 weeks of staffing left...its going to go so fast! i feel comfortable in all my rotations and being able to function pretty much independently, but to think about leaving where i've been comfortable and starting a new job as an actual dietitian, is scary and my immediate gut reaction is "im not ready for that!" but i'm sure i will be. i don't think God will put me in a place im not prepared for. i keep thinking how much i want to be in pediatrics too...and when i keep getting frustrated with some of my rotations, i remember the feeling i had when i was at children's. i keep reminding myself that if thats where my passion and interests are, working with kids, that the Lord will provide me with that opportunity. He isn't going to stick me in a place where im going to be unhappy.

i got to go to ctown and see morgan, josh, jordan and lots of other great people over the weekend. we went wakeboarding which was a BLAST. church of course was awesome. there really hasn't been a time i've gone to church there where the Lord hasn't met me right where im am or with what im struggling always slightly amazed or taken aback when it happens, even though i shouldn't be since i know He always meets me where i am, no questions asked.

delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. psalm 37:4

this is what the message was about...truly delighting in the Lord instead of making it a chore to be with Him and what you recieve in return. and not worrying...phyllis (the pastor's wife) asked, what would happen if you stopped worrying? i've never really thought about that since i always am worrying...but really, it doesn't change any outcomes does it? i don't think i'll get rid of my worrying automatically...but im going to focus on enjoying Him more and trying to make everything work out in my life less because of my fear of failure, because really, i don't want to be in control, i wouldn't have a clue what i was doing. so im going to keep on delighting instead :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

i love running

so i never really considered myself a runner for a long long time...even after i had a couple half marathons under my belt. but i suppose since im training for a full marathon and have ran four halfs, i can consider myself a real runner...i had one of those runs tonight that reminded me why i run and how much a LOVE it! i went around 8 since it's been SO hot out and i love to watch the sun set and the clouds change color when i run in the evening. i just feel so GOOD when i i could keep going and going...well, except when im running 16 or so miles, then i want to stop haha. im not sure how to explain how it feels other than good. i suppose its that "runner's high" people talk about. im excited for tay to run the half and have her see she CAN do it...its awesome to see someone accomplish that for the first time...thanks to colby for converting me :) three days til the weekend, i can't wait!!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009


its been a while since i've updated...whoops. i've been at a subacute rehab nursing home this week and last. its definitely a different world there...i REALLY like the RD that i've been with...shes awesome. very willing to teach and get us experience. not sure i would like to work in a nursing home though, its very sad and depressing. i have a cardiology/general clinical rotation next week then start at detroit receiving hospital in two weeks. DRH is like the trauma hospital of detroit with lots of accidents, burns, gunshot victims, etc. yikes. im nervous for it but the other interns have really enjoyed their time there so it should be good.

i got to go home this past weekend for justin's birthday cookout...jordan came to findlay too and it was a great time! weekends always go so fast...we were at the pool saturday and sunday and it was SO hot! j took me out to red lobster sat night and we had a big cookout sunday with all the fam, it was nice to have real food for a change since i never have any at my apt haha. im headed to carrollton this weekend and going wake boarding saturday!! i cant wait! 13 weeks left of the internship, woohoo!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

happy birthday jus!

happy birthday jus! weird that he's 22..i know im 23, its just weird we're all that old! i can't wait for next weekend to see my fam and jordan and have a cookout for his bday! this weekend has been relatively non-evenful...lots of paper writing, running and sleeping. i babysat friday night for ethan and aidan and we had a blast!!! aidan reached for me from his mama who was holding him as soon as i got there, that made me feel pretty good :) we played with water, read books and ran around the basement a lot. i will be happy with whatever gender of kids i end up with, but i think secretly i am hoping i get stuck with boys. they are SO much fun and i click a lot better with boys than i do girls :) i'd rather play rough and tumble than with barbies and dolls (boring!).

i ran 16 miles saturday the pouring down rain (took me about 3 hours). i was able to listen to my shuffle til about mile 3 then had to put it away because of the rain! but i would rather run in the rain than in sun...and it was a great run! the last 2 miles were rough and i felt like crap for the whole day, but i did it and am excited for the marathon!! not sure how i'll tack on another 10 miles...but im getting there. i bought my ticket for va beach after graduation in november so im super excited for that! im going to fly down to colby and addy's then drive back before thanksgiving with them!!! it will be SO nice having nothing to do and just relaxing with them (and seeing new moon!!!!) im headed to a nursing home these next two weeks which is my last rotation away from the DMC campus which is good. hopefully it will be a good rotation. off to bed now!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

lemon tea.

so my life revolves around five things right now: sleep, eat, work, write, run. my stupid case study literature review paper is due next friday and i should have started it weeks ago. mistake on my is interesting though and i am not bored by it, just annoyed that its consuming my life right now! but in two months from now, i will be DONE with my case study completely. hooray. my sisters and mom are headed to hilton head with my aunt and cousin for the week and im SO jealous. especially since im stuck doing tons of work. being a grown up kind of stinks.

what i got on to write about it sort of silly...but felt like taking a quick break from reading articles. i made a cup of lemon lift tea and had flashbacks to when i was a kid and would spend the night at nanas. its funny how little things like the smell of tea can take you back to such good memories! it makes me remember nana and pops old house on surrey and spending so many good nights there with them! so this cup of tea made me even more thankful that i got to grow up with my grandparents so close, and being so close to them :) i just wish poppy (and my granpa) could be here still to see how much we've all grown! so yeah, sort of silly, but good to have those little random triggers to remind me of good memories!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

yay for kiddos!

i got to babysit on friday! two little boys-ethan (3) and aidan (18 months) who live in birmingham. i had talked to the dad earlier last week and set it up. i was a little nervous not ever having met them, and the kids not meeting me until friday, but it worked out SO well! they were the easiest kids i have ever had to put to sleep and they didn't even know me. aidan got tired a little before bedtime and wouldn't let me put him down, i really didn't mind at all :) we played outside with bubbles and chalk and set up trains in the basement. haha i know i know, im like the coolest 23 year old ever hanging out with babies on a friday night. but i dont really care, it was a blast and relieved a lot of stress that i've had building up latley. im not sure many people would say taking care of little kids would relieve their stress...but it does for me! they had an amazing home theater in their basement which was saweeet. we took turns imitating animals and guessing them on the theater's stage haha needless to say, i had a lot of fun and get to watch them again next friday!

lori and i roasted marshmellows on our mini grill last night on charcoal that took like 2 1/2 hours to light haha it was a blast. i spent the majority of today researching cystic fibrosis and its pathophysiology...exciting really. its taking a long time to really understand the articles im reading in order to write my research paper. i hate having to stare at a computer for so long. i got 3 out of a minimum of 12 pages i suppose thats a start. its going to be a long 2 weeks ahead of me to get this finished. if i didn't have to work 40 hours a week on top of this, my life would be a lot less stressful! or if i was headed to hilton head with my mom and sisters in two days. sigh. off to bed!