Monday, November 9, 2009

so close.

i can almost taste freedom!!! its at the tip of my fingers...only 2 1/2 days until i am DONE with this internship!!! i can't believe it. yes at times it seemed to draggg on, but it has FLOWN by otherwise really. tina, dave and taylor are coming up thursday for graduation and then we all go out to dinner with all the dietitians and families, etc thursday night. it should be fun!! still waiting to hear about the part-time job....say a prayer for me. i really want to hear about it! if not, maybe i'll get a christmas-nothing job to earn a little christmas money. who trying not to worry about money right now. if i think about it too much, i'll start freaking out and i don't need that yet. i want to actually EAT thanksgiving dinner this year...last year i was so stressed out and sick that i didn't eat much of thanksgiving dinner. or anything of that matter until i moved to michigan ha. that sucked. but im trying to stay calm, patient and remember that im in better hands than mine, better hand than i can even imagine. so thats what i keep reminding myself when i feel the need to take over and plan everything out. its not in my hands and when i really think about it, im glad in not in charge, i don't think i'd do a very good job.

four days til i move HOME, five days til i get to spend more than a weekend with jordan (and see helen/brad/everett & go to church), 8 days til im reunited with my best friends ever, annnd 2 weeks and 2 days til im reunited with kimberly!!! good couple of weeks ahead :) :)

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