Tuesday, April 21, 2009


this weekend was pure bliss. i know a lot of people think they have the best friends ever, but im here to tell you all that i in fact, do have the best friends ever ever ever. so i was headed home after class friday (which we got out early from!) and was super excited to see my family and jordan! i got a pizza w/ my dad and got home...jordan was there outside with tina so i was excited he was there! we walk in the house and i turn the corner and there on my couch is colby and addy. i was SHOCKED. i was almost shaking, almost crying, almost falling to the ground because i have NO idea they were coming. everyone else did of course. :) they drove almost 13 hours-ish the weekend before their finals week to see me, just for my birthday! how perfect are they?! i felt pretty special. j and i camped out in my backyard sat night and that was a blast too :) OH and nick and beth got engaged this weekend...SO excited for them!!!!

same old thing this week at work...almost done with my final week of clinical three, which is nuts. onto school food service next week which will be a nice break from clinical for a while. im not so sure this is what i want to do for the rest of my life, nor what the Lord is going to have me do for the rest of my life. i struggle every day with feeling as if im doing anything productive, or if im having an impact on anybody, or if anybody at the hospital (doctors, nurses) takes dietitians seriously. er. its frustrating.

i had the best weekend ever and felt so loved and didn't want it to end. two weeks til we're all reunited again! can't wait! God is pretty cool.

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