Tuesday, May 5, 2009

eek! so i haven't written here in a while! the past few weeks have been kind of crazy busy. i've had an exam and presentation last week and a quilt to finish! haha and throw in there training for a half marathon too...needless to say im exhausted. i've been working in my school foodservice rotation the past couple of weeks in birmingham, mi which has been a GREAT drive (its like 5 min away). i love the people i am working with. dave, the manager, is so funny and really cool to work with. he's shown me all the cool places in birminham to run haha today i worked at a food expo type of thing where 40 or so vendors bring samples of their products and you go around and get tonnnns of samples. i came home with 2 grocery bags full of food! hooray for free things!

they also had a reeeeally good speaker talking about being thankful for all the little blessings we have and how important our attitudes towards the little things in our everyday lives are and how that rubs off onto others. he was awesome. he talked about a girl who was 17 and had just been adopted a year ago and had been in like 48 foster homes or something crazy like that. her dad had tried to kill her when she was 3 and her mom was in jail for murder. yet she wanted to forgive her dad and tell him she loved him. she gave her mom her email and has been waiting a year and a half to have comunication with her. the speaker talked about how she was always smiling and how great it was to be loved by her family now...how crazy is that?? i can't even imagine the type of selflessness you would need to be able to do that.

this weekend was the flying pig half marathon and it was perfect! the run was great, and i am super pumped to do my marathon in october now!! hooray! i got to see my best friends ever for a whole weekend too. it was perfect. i have the perfect friends. i wish everyone could have a group of friends like ours. i miss miami so much too!! and people watching to see the ridiculous miami girls that go there haha. im super pumped for the weekend to see my little sister in my old prom dress and for sam's wedding shower!!

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