Thursday, June 17, 2010

rotation #2 done.

i finished up my second rotation with an amazing dietitian in hem/onc and a lot of failure to thrive kids. i learned sooo so much working with this population and really liked it! so sad at times, but i still love what i'm doing. i like having a job in which i feel valued (most of the time!), except when people put a consult in because a 17 year old kid won't eat vegetables. that didn't happen to me, but it did to the last dietitian i was working with. really?! that's not what we do! haha. although working with kids can be very sad and there are so many sad situations, there are lots of funny stories that come of it! one lady said that her child wasn't throwing up on the outside, so the doctors were looking to see if she was throwing up on the inside. hahaha. i cracked up with that one.

moving onto working with a RD who does mainly outpatient GI (gastrointestinal) clinics. i'm anxious to start this rotation, i think it's going to be so interesting and something i would like to do. and the RD who i'm with is super fun and spunky which always makes the work day better :) please keep praying for the jobs i applied for. i know it will work out perfectly, but i'm still struggling with finding peace in that. working with kids is what i'm so passionate about and i know i i hope that i get the chance to do this for real.

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