Saturday, September 26, 2009

20 mile run? check.

so i got up at 7 and was on the road by 7:40 to start my seemingly endless 20 mile run and finished at 11:05ish. i was nervous about it since i haven't had a long run in about three weeks. well, i ran 11 on monday, but i mean like a long long 15+ mile run. i know 11 seems like a lot, but i would gladly take an 11 miler over a 15-18 miler any day! i sort of split it up into three parts and started out really slowly and i felt awesome the whole entire way. of course towards the end i was a little bored and feeling it in my knees/hips, but other than that it was awesome. the aftermath is a different story, i haven't felt so good today unfortunately. i have been eating everything in reach though! perfect weather, 55-60 degrees with no sun and all clouds. definitely a blessing in the weather department :) it misted on me too for a good 3-4 miles so that felt nice towards the end. tay ran nine today and ran the whole way! i am SO proud of her for sticking with it, i couldn't have done it for my first half without someone there making me run (colby dearest). and i have colby to thank for getting me hooked on this sick addiction. i really love it though, it is such a good feeling of accomplishment completing longer and longer runs and working towards a goal. one that i thought i NEVER EVER would have been able to achieve. so, lesson learned, never say never! its great though and i am looking forward to october 18 at 7:30 am when i get to run my marathon!

pray that i stay injury free as mileage decreases big time these next 3 weeks and i get two whole days off in a row after today...but a lot of injuries happen towards the end. i would be so so devastated if something happened (stress fracture, strain, etc.) and i couldn't run. i've been working at this for too long for something like that to ruin this. my friend has a stress fracture in her hip and can't run in the chicago marathon she's been training for. yuck. off to bed at 10 on a saturday, im exhausted.

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