Wednesday, September 2, 2009

code blue.

so i saw a patient code today. or for those non-medical folks, his heart stopped and required CPR to get a heartbeat. and it was absolutely nothing like what you see on grey's anatomy. i think this patient really wasn't expected to survive, so that might be why it was so laid back, but it was so calm. a lot of people were gathered around the bed and looking in outside of the room. three or four people kept switching on and off doing CPR while others were handing in meds and really big needles/syringes of serious stuff. i've been certified in CPR for a long time, but have only seen it once besides this time, and the person came to after a few minutes. this went on for a while and we left before we saw what happened. it was just weird to see in real life in a hospital. its nothing like it is in the movies. it was a weird feeling seeing someone die. a patient i saw at the beginning of the week died the next day too, he was only 39. things like this make me appreciate my health so much more. a lot of these people's lives changed in the blink of an eye.

anyways, thats my depressing post for the day. we have to be at work at 630 tomorrow so its to bed at like 9 tonight. sick. can't wait for the weekend though!!! its going to be greattt!!!! :)

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