Thursday, September 24, 2009

crazy life.

whoops, its been a little while since i've posted. here's a quick recap of what's happened the past couple of weeks...i finished at detroit receiving hospital last week. it was a really great rotation, lots to do, crazy patients to see. we got to see a PEG tube (feeding tube into the stomach and through the abdominal wall) placed, and i almost passed out lol. then we got to see a skin graft which was cool. i was overly cautious though to watch it so i didn't hit the floor in the OR. it was like 1000 degrees in the operating room though, burn patients have a hard time maintaining their body heat, so we were sweating buckets and the thing they used to harvest skin looked like a cheese grater. sick. but it was neat to see. saw some pretty sad stuff though. its a whole different world here in detroit that the majority of the US is sheltered from.

i started at the rehabilitation institute of michigan (RIM) this week and its been alright. kind of boring, but easy stuff so far. i have one more week there then onto oncology for 2 weeks, then staffing for 4 weeks where i'll basically have my own floor to manage, eek! am i ready for that?! so only 7 weeks until graduation...SO weird. i present my case study 2 weeks in front of all the RD's and im ready for that to be OVER. i have my 20 mile run on saturday morning and i am readyyy! can't wait for the marathon.

went to steve rader's wedding a couple weeks ago, he is kyle's old roommate and one of nick and jordans good friends. it was a great time and SO weird to see him get married. he's the first of the group to get hitched, i cant wait for nick and beth's wedding in may, it will be AWESOME! i got to surprise my roomies and go to the morgan county fair a couple weekends ago and it was perfect. they had NO idea and i love surprises like those :) i miss them, can't wait for november 18th.

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