Sunday, May 17, 2009

perfect weekend.

i have the best mom ever. tina came and spent the weekend with me and it was perrrrfect. we went to dinner and watched a movie friday. we went shopping alllll day saturday (not many people could handle that much in one day!) and had delllicious crab cakes for lunch and coldstone for dinner (after walking around forrrever to find it). we went to ann arbor today to the UM botanical gardens, which were a little disappointing, but it was fun and a nice day out nonetheless. tina got me my first hanging basket of flowers for our porch, so im praying i dont kill them :) it was such a relaxing weekend and im thankful that one of my best friends is my mom...a lot of people dont have that.

i start my renal rotation tomorrow...say a prayer for me! im nervous because i know the least about renal, kidneys, and all that...its very complicated and nutrition plays a big role. which is good, but i feel unprepared and don't want to look like the dumb intern. we'll see how it goes!! cant wait for the weekend already- i getta see my family and my bffaeae from boston!!!! yayyy!!!! AND canterbury opens!!! oh and 20 days til sam's wedding...CRAZY. crazy how life flies by. god is SO good!

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