Sunday, May 31, 2009

its june?!

so i fail at this updating the blog thing. i don't really know if anyone reads this, but sorry! things have been super busy lately and i haven't had time to update. the past two weeks i've been in a renal (kidney) rotation seeing end stage renal disease patients and acute renal failure patients. it has been really sad...kidney disease is nasty. dialysis, although fascinating, is nasty as well. i pray that i always have healthy kidneys and never have to deal with that! its bad. i start at a dialysis center for the next two weeks which will be interesting. i start my peds rotation in 2 weeks too...i cant WAIT. i miss being around kids, its like something i crave almost! i LOVE kids. i can't imagine doing this job and not ever being around kids for my career. so i guess its good i at least know vaguely the area i want to work in....because i have no clue with anything else haha

i've had some of the best couple of past weekends! i've been home a ton, saw kimberly over memorial day (basically lived at her house) and got to see jordan this weekend after a month of not seeing him. i realize a month really isn't THAT much...but its still a while. i am not a big fan of it! sam's wedding is next weekend and im SUPER excited! i cant believe its actually happening!!!! we went to dinner at the melting pot last night for her bachloerette party and it was AMAZING. seriously, im obsessed. only four weeks til HH too...i can't wait for a week at the beach and a week with jordan. it will be relaxation that i most definatley need and time with j that is much needed as well.

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