Wednesday, May 13, 2009


this is my last week of school foodservice, thank goodness. its not that i don't like the people, because i do, they are great, its just a little boring. i start my renal rotation next weekend which will be interesting...thats the area that i feel like i know the least in since it's all so complicated.

my car isn't totaled which is good...the lima bean just needs a loooot of repair work. hopefully she still runs like new when i get her back. $1000 more dollars of damage and she would have been a gonner. stupid drivers. now im driving a 4 door hatchback yaris that looks funny, i names it the black bean haha. i've never been in an accident like that and it was so scary, and it really was quite minor in the grand scheme of things. lucky i had someone looking out for me.

we're about half way through this internship and i am really struggling. im trying to enjoy my time here and not be just looking forward to it being over. but i really am ready to be trying to dig up patience i have stored away because i still have a while to go and lots of things to learn. im tired of being away from people i care about mostly. BUT i have a lot of fun weekends with people i love coming up so im looking forward to those :)

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