Saturday, June 13, 2009

another update!

so im going to try to update this more often :) we had our diabetes camp orientation was boring. but im sort of looking forward to camp, it should be a fun week. i would def be a nervous wreck if i were a counselor or a med staff many kids with diabetes and so much testing, monitoring, insulin injections, etc...its a LOT. and a LOT could potentially happen if close attention isn't paid to each kid. very scary. i don't think most people realize how involved having type 1 diabetes is, especially as a kid. thats a lot to deal with when you just wanna be a kid! needles, always watching what you eat, more needles. its intense.

i ran eight miles this morning! it was a GREAT run. no sun, cloudy, and a nice 55 degrees outside, oh and some nice sprinkling towards the end. it was one of those runs where i felt like i could keep on going towards the end-which is promising for when i have to run 15+ miles! running is so freeing after a just makes me feel GOOD. (well usually, sometimes i want to die lol) its totally a mental thing and im pretty pumped to run my marathon :) and im excited to run with tay too and to have her finish a half!

i feel like im constantly reminded of the blessing of good health with everything i've been surrounded by lately. and how important it is to pray for those who are not so fortunate. sometimes its the only thing you can do and i think the power of it is often overlooked. i know i overlook it when i don't see immediate results. well thats all for off to bed soon, im so exhausted. 13 days til vacation!!!

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