Sunday, June 14, 2009

hes just not that into you??

so i rented this movie (hes just not that into you) today to watch tonight and i got about 3/4 of the way through and turned it off. it was stupid. one of the plots of it was a girl and a guy (who was married) and how he slowly starts to cheat on his wife with this girl...what is that? and then a couple of the other guys in the movie talk about how no real guy ever wants to get a guy who doesn't marry a girl after a while is just a jerk so thats why they get married. ok, so, maybe i am reading way too much into this movie...but it just really bothered me! all that cheating crap is ridiculous and i cant stand watching it, even if its just a movie. maybe the movie ends differently and i should have watched the whole thing. i just thought it was dumb.

im really hoping tomorrow goes well at childrens with the keto rd. i got a ton to do before camp and vacation!! 12 days til hilton head with jordan!!! :) :) i love summer.

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