Thursday, June 11, 2009

done with dialysis

im all done with my dialysis rotation...yay!! it was interesting..but i did a lot of sitting, doing nothing, so that part was terribly boring. but i think its a job i would like to do, so that was encouraging. i just hope i never have kidney disease and need dialysis-not sure how i could do that. the needles they use are huuuuge, like i have never seen bigger ones before. and they get stuck twice with them, every other day!! sick.

my peds rotation is next week and i am SO excited!!! im spending the week with th RD that does the ketogenic diet pumped. it should be really interesting and im really hoping i like it. i think i will. we have a busy couple of weeks coming orientation all day saturday (sick) and then an RD exam review session thurs, fri and sat next week...then diabetes camp starts sunday. so bascially no weekends til vacation. blah. BUT then its to ctown and down to HILTON HEAD!!!!! AHH!!! so excited. i cant wait to show jordan everywhere we go there and just relax and hang out with each other for a whole week. its going to be grrreat!!!! :) oh, wednesday was the half way point for the internship-nuts huh? i cant believe its been that long. the second half is going to fly by. we'll prolly be able to apply for jobs come october, which will be really strange. anyways, thats whats going on. sorry i stink at updating this. i dont know if anyone reads it anyways! i miss home and my family a lot, i've been lucky to be able to see them a lot the past month or so. thats all for now!!

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  1. i read it. i check it WAY more than you write ;)