Wednesday, June 24, 2009


ok so i fail at trying to keep this updated...but i have done better this month. im at diabetes camp for kids about 7-16. its been alright so far...VERY hot!!! like in the 90's. hilton head is going to kick my butt next week. but i'll be on a beach so i suppose its ok :) we've been responsible for preparing the celiac kid's meals since they can't be in any contact with any gluten-containing food. also we count the kids carbs once the get to the end of the buffet line so they can have their insulin dosed by the med staff after they eat. a lot of the guys try to get awaya with sneaking food, which can be bad if they don't get enough insulin with it!! its definiately a lot to deal with if you are a kid...but they know a LOT about whats going on with them...whether they have high blood sugar, low, what can happen if it gets too high and stays there. but i guess if you are living every day with it, you would know it inside and out. i give them a lot of credit, i would have a hard time adjusting to all those needle pokes.

four of us interns got to play on the water trampoline and slide last night and it was way cool! except i had to wear a stinking life jacket. really?! couldn't i just tell them i've been a lifeguard for 5+ years and have been able to swim since i could walk?! gotta love lake water though. camp has made me remember camp michindoh a lot...and how great it was!! i miss home!! i wanted to be home sunday to cookout and go to the pool with my family for father's day. i hate missing out on stuff like that...i think im reminded daily (especially right now) how thankful i am that i do miss them and having that to look forward to going home to. its great :) two days til hilton head and jordan!!!!!! i am SO pumped!!!!

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