Monday, July 27, 2009

awesome weekend!

i had a great weekend! i went to carrollton to see jordan and his family, his aunt and uncle were in from phoenix. we really didn't do much, just hung out and had a lazy weekend, but it was SO nice! his house has this awesome wrap around porch that we did a lot of drinking tea and sitting on and that was a perfect weekend for me :) we went to church sunday and that was great too! i so look forward to those weekends i get to go to church, i wish i could go every sunday.

i started in my high risk pregnancy rotation today. it was really sad to hear some of these girls (i dont say women because most of them aren't yet) OB backgrounds and how many babies they have lost or abortions they have had. its such a nasty cycle here with these girls getting pregnant so young and having so many babies and not being able to provide for them. its sad because i feel like theres so much hopelessness there...i think these girls feel so trapped and like they are never going to break free of what they've been trapped in. its hard to keep judgements to a minimum as well when you see a mom whos had 5 miscarriages, 2 stillborns, but has also been a cocaine addict for 20+ years...and is pregnant again. very sad.

off to bed... im so tired and have had a headache all day :(

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