Tuesday, July 14, 2009

harry tonight!

harrrry potter comes out tonight!!!!!! unfortunately i am NOT going to be seeing the midnight viewing...but hopefully seeing it thursday night with sue and jim, but we'll see! started at a WIC (women, infants & children) clinic this week which has been interesting. i like it a lot and could see myself doing it. i just love seeing cute babies/kids and teeny tiny babies!!! got a good dose of birth control today though...twin two year olds and a three year old sccccreaming bloody murder because they didnt want to be weighed on a scale or have their height measured. i could NOT deal with that right now, nor do i want to for a little while. i love playing with cute kids and handing them back to mom and dad- its way more fun :)

tina dave and tay (maybe riy?) are coming to go to the detroit zoo this weekend, im pretty pumped!! welp...thats all i really have for right now. i getta sleep in til 9:30 tomorrow!! im excited!

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