Thursday, July 9, 2009


its july already?! crazy. summer flies by even when you are a grown up and have a stinkin grown up job. yuck. vacation was amazzzing. jordan and i were on the beach every day/night and it was perfect. the weather was unusually so hot even at night you were completley covered in sweat. sick. but we had a couple really nice days, one great night at salty dog! i love hilton head! (i think j heard me say that about a million times all week). we got to spend 3 days in carrollton which was nice too, i love being there and being able to go to church! we spent the 4th with some families from church and i got to hold the cutest (and fatest) 5 month old for a long while :) i was in heaven. we watched pretty sweet fireworks up on a hill (like nothing you've seen in findlay) and could see like 8-10 little towns fireworks in the distance!

and now, its back to reality...had my last week of peds this week :( but its been good, busy, but good. i was on a renal floor all week, but got to see some diabetes clinics, cystic fibrosis and some i've seen a bunch. saw a pretty complicated little kid with end stage renal disease today and my brain is tired from having to think and plan what to do for this kid. he was dealing with crazzzy high blood pressure since his kidneys aren't functioning so we had to watch the amount of fluid he was getting. the dietitian i was with was great at making me really think and explain what I thought of the situation, instead of just telling me...which is great, just mentally draining. renal is a hard specialty to nail down! i start at a public health WIC clinic next week which should be interesting. i wish i was one of those people who didn't stress out and just let most things be. unfortunatley, thats not me...and i've been stressing majorally for whats to come after november and praying that i find peace about not knowing quite yet. its for sure a challenge.

harry comes out wednesday!!! ahhh!!! so excited :) headed home this weekend to see the fam...havent been home in a while, so it should be good! minus the 11 miles i must run saturday morning. sick. at least i can lay on the couch at home when i'm done thought, right?! :)

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