Thursday, July 30, 2009


so i know my problems are very minuscule compared to what most people i see everyday are facing, so i feel like i really shouldn't get stressed or complain or anything. but i am stressed, so this is a very mini vent session, i apologize in advance...don't read if you want to! im not looking for pity...just maybe a prayer or two for things to go smoothly the next couple months :) i have my big case study paper due in 2 weeks and its a LOT of reading really difficult scientific articles that i don't really understand & writing a 12 page paper & making a presentation out of it...this is what we need to complete to graduate, so, it must be good. bah. i have also felt discouraged latley like im just never going to be a good, proficient dietitian who knows as much as these other RD's i've worked with do. (i know i know, its called experience) i bought some new running shoes and they gave me new blisters & i am having a lot of pain in my left leg when i run & am feeling very discouraged about this marathon thing, 10 weeks to go, and i've hit a wall. and i wish someone would hand me a slip of paper outlining the 6 or 7 months of my life after novemeber, because i have zerrrro direction as to where im headed. and i miss my friends & family (esp my roommates) & am sick of the distance between j and i. so if you wouldn't mind saying a quick prayer for peace for my worrisome heart/head, i would greatly greatly appreciate it. i know time will work things out...i just need to keep reminding myself that. ok...NO MORE COMPLAINING for the next week, i CAN do this!

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