Wednesday, May 5, 2010

day one!

day one started out terribly and ended wonderfully!! i had my physical this morning and then had to get bloodwork drawn for my titers (hep A, rubella, chicken pox, etc) so if i don't have antibodies to them, i can get a free vaccination. kind of nice, but i don't like getting blood drawn. however, i am not scared of getting it drawn...i've had it taken so many times over the years that i'm OK with it. i sat down and told the nurse "i'm not so good with needles, but i've never passed out". so what do i do?? I PASS OUT! i was soo embarrassed! she had to stick me twice and made me squeeze a ball so i think i got freaked out thinking about how i was pumping blood out of my body. and i fainted. and woke up to four nurses holding my head up, holding ice packs on me and fanning me. haha horrible.

but i worked with a fabulous dietitian and she gave me a tour of the hospital, showing me where everyone covers, what unit clerks to avoid and what she does. i'm SO excited to really start getting into it and learning how to function on my own there. she was telling me how much more dietitians are valued over there and how they are more involved in the patient's care. i am going to enjoy working here so much, i can already tell. i was a tad overwhelmed just because not only do i need to get back into writing assessments, but i need to learn how to assess pediatric patients. MUCH different than adults.

i have a feeling i am going to appreciate my health and the health of those kids in my life that are healthy. the dietitian i was with was telling my how a couple of patients have already died on her and how upset she was. these poor kiddos were dealt a rotten hand for the beginning of their lives and i have a feeling i'm going to be doing a lot of praying as i come into contact with these kids. say a little pray for a sweet two month old baby girl i met this morning, she is waiting for a new heart. i'm so excited though to be doing this. i finally felt the Lord's blessing on this opportunity today.


  1. so glad day 1 went well!!! except for the passing out bit. don't ya love it when you just get done saying "this never happens to me" and then it does!? been there! hah
    glad you're there, though, and learning so much! it'll be really good for you :)

  2. I loooooooove the population you are working with! You will learn so much about living life to the fullest, taking nothing for granted, and learning how to just be a happy person no matter what life hands you. Atleast that's what I've found from my kiddos....:)

  3. yesss. i haven't really done much yet...but already have learned the take nothing for granted yet. it's so sad, yet all (well, most) of the kids are so happy. i love it.