Thursday, May 13, 2010

love my job!

still LOVING what i am doing!!! i'm beginning to be able to function/think on my own without having to ask questions every other second. was able to see a couple heart patients yesterday on my own-check their ICU flow sheets, see how they were tolerating feeds, see any weight gain, etc. it's cool with little babies because they have a certain growth velocity they should be gaining every day (example-20-30 grams a day) and so you can really chart whether their formula they are on is working for them or not. and i wrote and signed my own notes! i feel like a little kid getting excited over that...but it's exciting for me haha.

i completed my own consult today too for an EIGHT day old baby-eek! so so tiny! he was in the hospital because he had been feeding really poorly and losing weight-he isn't below his birth weight yet, so hopefully he starts gaining instead of losing. i called the medical team taking care of this little guy and explained why we needed to up his formula rate to give him more calories and protein...annnd get this, they asked ME if i wanted them to change the order! what is that?! typically doctors completely write me off with any suggestions. it was great to see the order change within 10 minutes of talking to them! i was a nervous wreck before they called, but i survived :)

anyways, that was my day today...i love it! i applied to a job at cincinnati children's yesterday, so please say a prayer. i'm not counting on getting a peds job right out of this fellowship (even though that would be ideal), so we'll see what happens.

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  1. so so glad that this is going well for you Megs and that you have this opportunity..and also that you are getting to do things on your own! always super exciting :)