Monday, May 31, 2010


had another great week last week, nothing too new with what i've been doing, but still great! trying to get two little babies to grow who are waiting for heart transplants...their weight keeps dropping and one little one is almost back to her birth weight (she is two months old). so that had been a challenge. but they are doing ok as of now. i am sort of on my own tomorrow checking on our transplant patients because the dietitian i've been with is that's kind of cool, minus not getting paid.

i start a new rotation this week in hematology/oncology, so i'm preparing myself to once again see some pretty sad stuff, but i'm looking forward to it. the dietitian i will be with also works with failure to thrive kids, or kids/babies who just are not growing properly. their height/weights are typically way below where they should be on growth charts. there can be a huge variety of causes of failure to thrive- chromosomal defects, heart/lung problems, kidney issues, GI problems, metabolic issues, etc. or it just may be a environmental factor such as not enough food available, emotional issues, etc. huge variety. it's important obviously to reverse this growth stunting so that they can reach appropriate milestones for their age. anyways, i'm super excited to start this and to continue to get to work with kids.

keep praying (BIG prayers!) for my application at cinci children' a no for one application, but my other was sent to a hiring manager, so i'm praying for a phone call this week and maybe an interview. we'll see, i'm focusing on being hopeful this week.

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