Monday, May 10, 2010

quick update.

four days into everything and still loving it!!! like i said before the dietitian i am with is a saint and is ammmmazing at being patient with me and she is super smart. i'm doing my cardiology rotation right now and working mainly with cardiac transplants. i LOVE it! i don't know how long it's been since i've had four straight days of work that i love...a long time, that's for sure. haven't done TOO much, still just shadowing, but i have my computer access, so i should be able to do a little more! a patient waiting for a heart was listed on the transplant list thursday and got a heart saturday!!! so that is WAY exciting- hearts don't come around that quickly usually. pray this little guy stays healthy and recovers quickly.

i am currently applying to a job at Cincinnati Children's, so please say a prayer if you remember. i am trying to be hopeful about it and think positively...i've been stuck in a hopeless rut lately and don't want that to be hanging over my head when i start reapplying again. more soon once i have INTERNET on wednesday, ptl.

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