Tuesday, August 18, 2009

i love running

so i never really considered myself a runner for a long long time...even after i had a couple half marathons under my belt. but i suppose since im training for a full marathon and have ran four halfs, i can consider myself a real runner...i had one of those runs tonight that reminded me why i run and how much a LOVE it! i went around 8 since it's been SO hot out and i love to watch the sun set and the clouds change color when i run in the evening. i just feel so GOOD when i run...like i could keep going and going...well, except when im running 16 or so miles, then i want to stop haha. im not sure how to explain how it feels other than good. i suppose its that "runner's high" people talk about. im excited for tay to run the half and have her see she CAN do it...its awesome to see someone accomplish that for the first time...thanks to colby for converting me :) three days til the weekend, i can't wait!!!!

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