Monday, August 17, 2009


its been a while since i've updated...whoops. i've been at a subacute rehab nursing home this week and last. its definitely a different world there...i REALLY like the RD that i've been with...shes awesome. very willing to teach and get us experience. not sure i would like to work in a nursing home though, its very sad and depressing. i have a cardiology/general clinical rotation next week then start at detroit receiving hospital in two weeks. DRH is like the trauma hospital of detroit with lots of accidents, burns, gunshot victims, etc. yikes. im nervous for it but the other interns have really enjoyed their time there so it should be good.

i got to go home this past weekend for justin's birthday cookout...jordan came to findlay too and it was a great time! weekends always go so fast...we were at the pool saturday and sunday and it was SO hot! j took me out to red lobster sat night and we had a big cookout sunday with all the fam, it was nice to have real food for a change since i never have any at my apt haha. im headed to carrollton this weekend and going wake boarding saturday!! i cant wait! 13 weeks left of the internship, woohoo!

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