Sunday, August 9, 2009

happy birthday jus!

happy birthday jus! weird that he's 22..i know im 23, its just weird we're all that old! i can't wait for next weekend to see my fam and jordan and have a cookout for his bday! this weekend has been relatively non-evenful...lots of paper writing, running and sleeping. i babysat friday night for ethan and aidan and we had a blast!!! aidan reached for me from his mama who was holding him as soon as i got there, that made me feel pretty good :) we played with water, read books and ran around the basement a lot. i will be happy with whatever gender of kids i end up with, but i think secretly i am hoping i get stuck with boys. they are SO much fun and i click a lot better with boys than i do girls :) i'd rather play rough and tumble than with barbies and dolls (boring!).

i ran 16 miles saturday the pouring down rain (took me about 3 hours). i was able to listen to my shuffle til about mile 3 then had to put it away because of the rain! but i would rather run in the rain than in sun...and it was a great run! the last 2 miles were rough and i felt like crap for the whole day, but i did it and am excited for the marathon!! not sure how i'll tack on another 10 miles...but im getting there. i bought my ticket for va beach after graduation in november so im super excited for that! im going to fly down to colby and addy's then drive back before thanksgiving with them!!! it will be SO nice having nothing to do and just relaxing with them (and seeing new moon!!!!) im headed to a nursing home these next two weeks which is my last rotation away from the DMC campus which is good. hopefully it will be a good rotation. off to bed now!

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