Tuesday, August 4, 2009

lemon tea.

so my life revolves around five things right now: sleep, eat, work, write, run. my stupid case study literature review paper is due next friday and i should have started it weeks ago. mistake on my part....it is interesting though and i am not bored by it, just annoyed that its consuming my life right now! but in two months from now, i will be DONE with my case study completely. hooray. my sisters and mom are headed to hilton head with my aunt and cousin for the week and im SO jealous. especially since im stuck doing tons of work. being a grown up kind of stinks.

what i got on to write about it sort of silly...but felt like taking a quick break from reading articles. i made a cup of lemon lift tea and had flashbacks to when i was a kid and would spend the night at nanas. its funny how little things like the smell of tea can take you back to such good memories! it makes me remember nana and pops old house on surrey and spending so many good nights there with them! so this cup of tea made me even more thankful that i got to grow up with my grandparents so close, and being so close to them :) i just wish poppy (and my granpa) could be here still to see how much we've all grown! so yeah, sort of silly, but good to have those little random triggers to remind me of good memories!

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