Thursday, August 27, 2009

11 weeks and counting.

thats right. eleven weeks and counting until the end. we're almost into the single digits! how crazy is that?? it had NOT seemed like it has passed this fast...but it has. crazy crazy. i have 3 rotations and 4 weeks of staffing left...its going to go so fast! i feel comfortable in all my rotations and being able to function pretty much independently, but to think about leaving where i've been comfortable and starting a new job as an actual dietitian, is scary and my immediate gut reaction is "im not ready for that!" but i'm sure i will be. i don't think God will put me in a place im not prepared for. i keep thinking how much i want to be in pediatrics too...and when i keep getting frustrated with some of my rotations, i remember the feeling i had when i was at children's. i keep reminding myself that if thats where my passion and interests are, working with kids, that the Lord will provide me with that opportunity. He isn't going to stick me in a place where im going to be unhappy.

i got to go to ctown and see morgan, josh, jordan and lots of other great people over the weekend. we went wakeboarding which was a BLAST. church of course was awesome. there really hasn't been a time i've gone to church there where the Lord hasn't met me right where im am or with what im struggling always slightly amazed or taken aback when it happens, even though i shouldn't be since i know He always meets me where i am, no questions asked.

delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. psalm 37:4

this is what the message was about...truly delighting in the Lord instead of making it a chore to be with Him and what you recieve in return. and not worrying...phyllis (the pastor's wife) asked, what would happen if you stopped worrying? i've never really thought about that since i always am worrying...but really, it doesn't change any outcomes does it? i don't think i'll get rid of my worrying automatically...but im going to focus on enjoying Him more and trying to make everything work out in my life less because of my fear of failure, because really, i don't want to be in control, i wouldn't have a clue what i was doing. so im going to keep on delighting instead :)

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