Saturday, February 21, 2009


blah on michigan supposed to be going to toledo to shop for bridesmaid dresses with sam and amber, but its supposed to start snowing really heavily when im supposed to go. ugh.

class was good yesterday. really interesting stuff in our renal lecture about dialysis and all that. holy cow, i didn't realize at all how involved dialysis really was. hemodialysis is the type that takes all your blood out, cleans it, and puts it back in you. with big big needles involved. and peritoneal dialysis is where you hook a bag of special fluid up to an opening in your abdomen and it drain into your peritoneum (a big membrane covering your abdominal organs) and it stays in there for a while, then they have drain all the fluid back into the bag thats still attatched to your stomach. then they have to start all over again for like 4-5 times a day. intense stuff. im glad i have functioning kidneys. we also learned about kids born with prune belly syndrome, where they are born with NO abdominal muscles!! how weird is that?? it causes big time kidney problems.

alright...i think im headed out to get stuff to make cookies or something before this stupid storm hits. im going home next weekend and i cant WAIT.

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