Sunday, February 1, 2009


good weekend! lori and i went to dinner friday night and played wii the rest of the evening. she has the price is right wii game!! its awesome!! i would highly recommend it :) then saturday we went to ikea because she has never been and that was fun. ikea is always a fun time. i can't wait to have my own house/apartment/whatever so i can decorate it! well and money too...i guess decorating and money kind of go hand in hand unfortunely. i got to ichat with jordan for a while and did some homework and finished twlight book one again all on saturday night haha.

im still trying to be patient and not get to anxious about this stupid rotation to be over, but its hard. im ready to get into clinicals and LEARN how to be a dietitian. because im not so far, and i've been here a month (craziness!). i do like going up on the floors and getting to see kids though. i feel better when i can do that and i can pray for those little ones. i may not know anything but their situation, but i feel good when i can do that for them. pray for healing, strength, whatever i get the feeling to pray for. its fun and makes me feel more peaceful about being in this rotation.

love must be sincere. hate what is evil, cling to what is good. romans 12:9

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