Monday, February 16, 2009


i feel like my internship has finally started today. i had my first clinical rotation at harper hospital and it was very overwhelming. i worked with nancy, the director of the internship for the whole day. she took me around the floors and showed me where to find charts, and she also showed me how to access the emr's (electronic medical records) which are SO confusing. Progress notes in medical charts are being changed with how dietitian's write them, like completley changed. so its a huge transition time not only for us interns, learning, but the other dietitians learning how to use the new system. we had a couple of consults to do on patients so nancy gave me two and told me to go find out about them on the their emr and report back to her...eek. i gathered lots of information, a lot of it was hard to work through because i don't know most of the medical jargon yet.

nancy looked over it and looked at me and said, "well, what are you going to do for this patient?" ah! i hadn't the foggiest! she was patient with me though and helped me work through it and had me do a mock assessment with her. i could definetley see how school conditioned me to talk in a certain way, and thats NOT how you talk to real life people. so it was great she went through that with me. tomorrow i am with a dietitian that works on the oncology floor and i should be talking to patients by thursday...ahhh. but its good, i feel like im FINALLY starting. and i was SO excited to be on the floors and diving into all things medical! exciting stuff! now off to ichat with my roomies and work on some medication lists...

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