Tuesday, February 24, 2009


today was the first day i felt really overwhelmed by all the sickness and sadness i've been seeing the past weekend and a half. the floors that i have been seeing patients are all fighting for their lives right now. and a lot of the cases i've read through are not very hopeful in the medical world. but some of these patients i've talked to, even if for five minutes, are happy. not all of them, but some. and i can't help but wonder that if that was me, i'm not so sure i would have that strength to be so happy. i think though, that some of them learn a new kind of hope. and thats what i'm learning too, but its hard. so much sickness and hurt happening to moms, dads, daughters, sons, sisters, brothers...to people that don't deserve it. good thing we have a Father watching over us, who won't ever leave, even when everything else seems to be falling down around us. be thankful for your health, we too often take it for granted. and don't forget to tell those around you that you love them :)

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