Sunday, February 15, 2009

clincials tomorrow!

i start my clinical rotations tomorrow at harper hospital! eek!! i havent updated in a while because there's been nothing interesting to update on. i finished up my foodservice rotation friday, thank goodness!! i start actually seeing patients it will be really weird/scary/exciting! i dont feel old enough to be doing this stuff yet. where did the past like 5 years go?

i went to ctown last weekend and jordan was here this weekend, so im grateful i've gotten to see him the past 2 weeks. we went to bahama breeze for vday! not ON vday cause the wait was 2 hours, but for lunch today haha. we're so romantic really...we didn't even have presents ready for each other haha. im just thankful we're only 4 hours aways from each other, not a plane ride. stupid long distance. went to the red wings game thursday w/ dave and tina and that was a blast! ok...i'll update more tomorrow after my first clinical day!!

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