Saturday, March 21, 2009


a few things... first, happy birthday to my very favorite twins! i wish i was with one or the other of them right now. second, its freakin the first day of spring and it snowed heavily here this morning. lame. and third, its my 12th anniversary of being seizure-free. crazy, huh? i can't believe its been that long. i feel so blessed to have outgrown them, as so many people i run into have not been that lucky. i have always felt a peace that i won't have to deal with them again, but that fear of them returning is always there. its what i fear the most.

i got to babysit finn and ollie today and they were SO much fun. i got there and finn looked at me and screamed "I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!" (i don't even know how he remembered me!). i just love babysitting boys, way more fun than girls usually! ollie warmed up to me finally after a hour or so and was running all the way across the length of the basement and jumping into my arms and giving me hugs. it was adorable. i wish i could have half the amount of excitment these kids have over the simplest of things. i think thats why i love kids so much, they get so much happiness from the smallest of things and usually think you are the greatest person in the whole wide world. they are so joyful. lori and i watched a movie called "blindness" tonight. do not, i repeat, DO NOT ever watch it. it was a waste of time and really disturbing actually.

please pray for my grandma if you wouldn't mind. shes in the hospital for problems with her heart until they figure out what they want to do. thanks.

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