Tuesday, March 24, 2009


i love this rotation! and i love liz! i feel so much less apprehensive about talking to patients and i feel more comfortable with the fact that it's ok that i don't know everything yet. thats why the RD's are there, to help out when i don't know something. i was talking to liz and she was asking how i was feeling about everything and i said really good and that i was less anxious talking to people. she told me she thought i was doing a great job talking to people cause she had listened in on a couple patients i went to see. i was SO relieved. and i was SO glad i didn't know she was listening to me...i would have be so nervous if i knew! im learning a TON about diabetes which is good because i don't really know much about it. its something i never want to have to deal with though.

four days til friday, and im so excited :) we might be going rock climbing and i might learn how to belay! i can't wait!!!

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