Sunday, March 29, 2009

time flies.

i hate how weekends go by so fast. not because i don't want to go back to work, well some of me doesn't, but because i typically have to leave people i want to be around to go back or be by myself in stupid detroit. jordan was up here for the weekend for our two year anniversary, crazy its been two years! i am for sure blessed being with him. we had a great weekend just relaxing, got to hike a little and ate delicious sushi saturday night. i love sushi! but i HATE always having to say goodbye. im not complaining about the long distance thing because i know we are blessed since we're so close, but no matter the distance, the goodbye/only seeing each other on the weekend thing is getting old. fast. i hate having to say bye to my family and friends all the time too, im not good at it. im coming to realize more and more that even though i reeeeally would like to live somewhere cool and not boring (*cough, ohio*), that being surrounded by my family and friends is even more important. the cool places will always be there, i just might have to travel to see them :)

onto another week...same stuff, same hospital. i switch next week for my clinical III. i've been here almost 3 whole months, doesn't seem like i have! Only 33 more weeks left...woohoo! oh and 19 days til my bday!!!!

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