Thursday, March 12, 2009

so its been a long long time since i've updated this thing. mainly because i haven't done anything too exciting or new to update on. ugh. i had a headstart rotation this week, which is a preschool education system for low-income families. i've been in some pretty yucky parts of detroit and its reminded me that detroit isn't a very pretty place! the kids were super cute, but i didn't really do much. next week i start my clincial 2 rotation with a certified diabetes educator and she works in the ICU a lot...from what i've heard, the RD im with is very intense. but im SO ready for that...i've been babied in this whole internship so far and its sort of annoying. im paying a lot of money to get this experience and i don't feel like i've gotten a lot out of it yet. and its almost the middle of march. this whole thing is playing with my confidence that this is where i should be as well which i don't like.

im headed to ctown with nick and beth this week and im so excited to be with some of my favorite people!!! :)

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