Tuesday, March 17, 2009

wonderful weekend.

yay for good weekends! i got to see my fam and some of my favorite people!! i carpooled with nick and beth to jordan's house. we went rock climbing on saturday which was a blast. annnd we locked the keys in the trunk on sunday so we couldn't leave until monday morning...oh darn :) it was so nice to be with my fam, jordan and nick and beth all weekend and to have monday off. i got to see my kids on monday too!! i miss them all so much.

i started a new rotation today at huron valley sinai hospital. its a good 45 min drive to the hospital which sucks, but its along the lake so its beautiful! i don't mind the driving with all the humongous houses i get to look at! this hospital is a lot smaller and i think i like that. the RD im with, liz, is great. shes so so smart and seems like shes going to be a really good teacher in helping me LEARN things and understand them, rather than just telling me what things are. theres a huge difference in populations though, this hospital is in the middle of suburbia compared to downtown. more updates when i see more patients!

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