Thursday, January 29, 2009

lets go wings :)

i'm going to a wings game and i couldn't be more excited!! thats the one upside to living in detriot, the wings are right here!! dave and tina are coming up two weeks from today for the game too. yay!! and it's still snowing outside...i'm getting a little tinsy bit ansy for spring time to be here. for things to be alive and pretty again. i rented this movie called young at heart from netflix and its a documentary about a show choir all made up of old people, the average age is 80!!! i highly recommend it, it's hilarious even if you may think it sounds lame. its not, i promise! it is sad though, i teared up a few times (shocking, i know).

i worked in the dish room today, bleck. it made me thankful i won't have to work in a job like that. but also made me realize how important their job is too. i did make some rounds picking up trays and such and saw the cutest little girl walking around with her mom. she had little peach fuzzies growing back on her head and a huge smile on her face. i said hi to her and she gave me a big HI back! so cute. makes me excited to get working with people, kids in particular.

God's been trying to remind me latley despite my doubts, He still knows what He's if i hadn't been placed at children's for this rotation, i may not have met up with the keto dietitian, among other things. patience patience patience is the still the key.

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  1. It's soo good that you had a chance to see how important those undesirable jobs are, if it's outside stuff in the cold, dirty stuff in the cities, if its scary stuff like social work. It truly takes a strong person to work through that messy stuff. I'm so thankful for construction workers, and people who work on telephone lines and garbage men!! The world would be tough without them!