Tuesday, January 13, 2009

another frustrating day!

same old thing today...i didn't really do much. i worked on a one-day menu plan with 5 different dietary modifications for the menu for the entire morning til lunch. it probably shouldn't have taken that long, but i stretched it out because i didn't just want to sit there. i keep asking questions and pointing out different things i need to observe and keep getting answers like "oh yeah, well do that eventually" or "that will be really easy to do sometime". and i have heard more about this woman's ex husband and current boyfriend than i really care to hear about. dont get me wrong, this lady is wonderfully nice and very hospitable, but not very professional! we did get to do rounds on the floor and talk to some kids about their meals and if they liked the food or not. so that was cool. i saw a little girl having a video EEG done too so kind of brought back some memories there...

i have to be in at six tomorrow so i am reeeally not looking forward to that. i know my reasons for not continuing on with pre-med in undergrad and why i didnt really want to do the whole med school route, but being around everyone at the hospital and hearing about all the specialties here has been bringing on tiny regret pains. i forgot how much i LOVE this field and helping people and everything. its so incredibly fascinating to me, medicine that it. its amazing, our bodies are amazing. (i know i sound corny) but it seriously does amaze me. i love learning about it. so im hoping that once i get immersed in clinical work, it will have the right amount of all that in it to satisfy that tiny bit of regret i may have for not pursuing med school.

i want some peace about this rotation because i don't want to wish all the time i have in it away, but i can't wait to be done with it. so pray for peace if you think about it :) i burnt my finger really badly on a non-microwavable plate that cracked tonight, so im going to go ice it. it feels like its on fire. ouch.

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