Monday, January 19, 2009


whoops...haven't posted in a couple days. i had a GREAT weekend with the slater fam and got to meet sweet, beautiful adeline joy. i just LOVE babies (in case you didn't already know that about me). She was just so adorable, she smelled so good and i loved just holding her. hopefully i get to see my kids this friday, i get SO excited just thinking about it. i miss them so so much. it was nice to be with family too, and be surrounded by dogs! i miss my puppies.

today we had a lecture by a speech pathologist that focused mainly on dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) and saw x-rays showing modified barium swallows and things like that. it was so cool to see what all happens when you swallow something, its all so complex! then we drove over to a hospital about 45 min away, sort of north of troy, for a diabetes lecture. i am really excited to do my clincial 2 rotations over there, the dietitians were all excited for us to be there! this was probably the best lecture we've had yet, so that was good. i had minor flashbacks to my class in school where i had to test my own blood sugar (where i almost passed out) because the RD had brought supplies to test our blood sugar or practice giving ourselves a shot if we wanted. needless to say, i politely declined!

rotations start back up tomorrow...bleck. hopefully better than last week though. can't wait for the weekend, jordan is coming to findlay and ill get to see my fam!!!

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