Thursday, January 8, 2009

boring day.

today was a relatively boring day. we didn't have to be in class til 9, so that meant sleeping in til 7! yay! but to start the day off right, i couldn't find my swipe badge right when we needed to leave (go figure, me lose a swipe card?! never.) so we were like 10 min late. good thing our supervisor is good about us being late haha we basically we over how to do calorie counts for a three day diet and thats it. what took us over an hour should take 15 min. takes a while to get use to guesstimating and not being anal about being so precise in counting calories and protein and things like those. we went over how to chart all those things in patient charts, how to access medical records online, blah blah blah...monotonous stuff really. tomorrow we're going over how to interview peds patients so that will be a little more interesting.

we're getting cable and internet finally set up today and finger's crossed, we'll be able to watch the office tonight!! :) tomorrow is FINALLY friday and this week feels like its been the longest week of my life...i can't WAIT to sleep in on saturday and hopefully go shopping saturday with sue and corey, unless baby addy wants visitors then!!

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