Wednesday, January 21, 2009


today was very blah and i think its going to be that way until i get outta this rotation. worked on the tray line and in the diet office where patients call in orders. i am slowly learning about the hospital politics between everyone that works there. like what the diet aids think of doctors or nurses and a couple cracks were even made at the dietitians today too haha. sort of annoying, but i suppose you get that anywhere you work. we had an incidence yesterday where a guy who works in the dish room threw away silverware simply because he didn't want to take the time to seperate it from the trash on the trays!! he threw away like 30-40 pieces of silverware! i couldn't believe it when my supervisor told me! totally ridiculous...

im hopefully meeting a family in the next week or so to possibly overnight sit for them. unfortunetly its not for babies and the kids are much older...but it seems like it would be an easy job and a good opportunity to make a little money, since i have no income right now! i really hope i can find a job with a baby, that would make me really happy.

i've been noticing that all i've been doing is looking forward to weekends and wanting the weeks to fly on by. i think partially this is because i don't like the rotation i'm in now, but also because i get to see my family, friends or jordan on the weekends. i want to be able to enjoy this time and focus on learning what i need to to be able to be an RD after i graduate. plus i don't want to keep wishing away weeks during this next week. God kindly reminded me today with my little calender quote to wait for Him. (wait for the Lord psalm 27:14) patience, patience patience, is what it said. so thats what i'm aiming for patience and for the ability to enjoy where i'm at, because eventually i'm going to look back and wish it hadn't passed by so quickly.

alright, enough of my enlightening thoughts...back to watching the office or something non-productive as usual. :)

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