Monday, January 12, 2009


today was my first day in my food service rotations at children's hospital and it was a very boring day. my preceptor was late so i stood and watched the tray line for over an hour and i could have fallen asleep standing on my feet. i don't care if they wanted me observing, but at least gimme something to do! it was SO boring. then my preceptor lady got there and was very disorganized, didn't know what i was supposed to really do, didn't know about my projects, and so on and so forth. it was a little frustrating to be in this program and get into a rotation that starts out like that. not cool. she kept asking me what i was expected to do and how the heck should i know?! they are the ones who organize the program and put us in these rotations...errr. but i was a little relieved because these foodservice rotations are going to be a breeze, just very boring. i was once again reminded why i do NOT want to be stuck in foodservice. not that it's not important, because it very much is, but it's not where i want to be once i get through all this schooling.

i spoke to my supervisor a little about the ketogenic diet which they have an RD that deals specifically with those kids, so that was cool because i told her i would have a big interest in that area. so hopefully i get to work with that. i got to hear a lot about personal drama from the people that work there and i wasn't so excited about that. it was unecessary and i don't care at all! haha i keep seeing all these RN's on the floors in scrubs and i keep asking myself why again i didn't go into nursing...i love scrubs.

i miss my kids so so much. i keep thinking about what they're doing at certain times of the day and how much i wish i was with them. i don't want them to forget me, and i know it's going to happen. it will make me so sad when i do get to visit and they have no idea who i am. sigh.

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