Wednesday, January 28, 2009

let it snow.

let it snow snow took me an HOUR and a half to get to work this morning. its only supposed to take 20 min!! ahh. it was SO frustrating and the roads were absolutely terrible. i spent most of my day in the formula room, mixing special formulas for babies in the NICU and such. but the good thing about today was that i got to introduce myself to the dietitian that does all the ketogenic kids! i told her i was really interested in spending some time with her and that i had been on the diet for a little bit when i was a kid. she was like "oh! i told the directors i wanted to nag you when you got here, but i forgot your name!" so that was great! im hopefully going to be spending a week of my peds rotation in july with her so i am SO excited!!

and im meeting a family to nanny for with a two month and a ninteen month old. im pretty excited :) i've put all my assignments off for a while now cause i keep thinking i don't have that much to do...but now i do before friday, whoops! im glad its hump looking forward to sleeping in this weekend!

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