Monday, January 26, 2009


this weekend was very refreshing! i got to leave early on friday (which was the same old song and dance) and made it home by 4:30 to go to the daycare and see my kids. when i got there hanna saw me and goes "mae mae!!" and got all excited, ran and jumped on my. talk about melting my heart!!! i about had tears in my eyes. i got to see about half of my class which was sooo wonderful. i miss them so much, like i don't mention that enough. i stayed there an hour and went home. jordan got there later, we ate dinner and watched the x games and chilled. same thing for the rest of the weekend too, family came over sat night to celebrate birthdays so that was nice. except charlie decided to eat the head of my razor blade saturday night so i was pretty upset b/c it was my fault. i thought for sure he would have to have emergency surgery and my parents would kick me outta the house and shun me from the family. luckily none of those things happened and he has passed the blades...gross, but good.

it was so great to be surrounded by the familiar for a weekend. it gets lonely here in michigan sometimes. we had new employee orientation today for the DMC (detroit medical center) and that was boring. i've been being reminded constantly the past couple of weeks to pray pray pray. pray for yourself and growing closer to Him, pray for others whether you know their situation or not, pray for the country and the world. everyone is facing their own personal battles and prayer is so imporant and powerful! so do it...all the time, no matter what because He always is listening, always answering, whether you can see it or not.

ok thats it! onto my last week in foodservice...yipee skipee!

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