Monday, January 5, 2009

first day.

so i am not a huge fan of these blog things where everyone spills their deepest most inner secrets and feelings online for the whole wide world to read about, but i figured i would give this a try since i'm doing something new and i have a bunch of people i want to tell about it! and i don't really care if you read it or not, i'll just put what i've been doing with my rotations and such. hopefully it will be somewhat interesting... :)

today was my first day at harper for my internship and i was slightly terrified and didn't now what to expect, but i was pleasantly surprised. first of all the dmc (detroit medical center) is GINORMOUS. very overwhelming. i think its comprised of 5 or 6 HUGE hospitals or something absurd like that. everyone we ran into was super uber friendly though, way more than i thought they would be, so that was comforting. but we all were introduced to the other interns and everyone seems really nice. two of the interns are a little older and have kids, so it will be a nice mix of people. we bascially had physicals, bloodwork, TB and drug tests ( i hope i pass!) and stuuuupid paperwork with taxes and all that crap. it was a VERY long day. my roommate lori and i got back around 2:30ish so it was nice to get out early. we have orientation and assignments the rest of the week...yayy homework!

i like my apartment and am really glad im living with lori. troy is a great area so far. i keep realizing how much i take for granted living at home...for convience and comfort reasons alike. i miss home already, i miss my friends. but i feel really good about this and am very hopeful that this is going to be a great learning experience. i feel peaceful that this is where im supposed to be, even if its not the first place i'd pick to be at right now...

be wise. psalm 2:10 (this weekend i'll ponder all things wonderful)
that little quote was on a calender i had and was very true for what i did this past weekend. i am very blessed and have some very wonderful things in my life.

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  1. YES. i can't wait to keep up on your life... wait... don't i talk to you every day already?? hehe LOVE YOU!!